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Kines 199 Bruya-Wood Judges

Kines 199: You are an important part of the conference!

Your participation entails:  You are asked to participate as a student judge for six assigned presentations at the event.  This ensures that each presenter has people to hear their work, AND you get a chance to see the work that you will be required to complete in future classes.

Each section of 199 has a specific time during the event that they are required to judge.  If you need special arrangements, please contact Dr. Schultz at least 48 hours prior to the conference.

  • Session 1:  1:45 – 3 pm
  • Session 2:  2:45 – 4 pm
Don’t be late!  You will need to stand in line to check in and receive your judging packet.


When you arrive, there will be a 199 table by the front door. There you will get your name checked off for attendance and attire, receive your packet of scorecards, and the list of the specific posters you will be assigned to judge.  We provide the scoresheets, please bring a writing utensil and a writing surface (ex clipboard).

You will asked to judge a different poster every session, for a total of six presentations in the hour.

ONLY at the end of the hour will your scorecards be collected, giving you full credit for attendance at the conference.


Dress code:  The dress code for all individuals (student judges and presenters) is business professional.  For a description and examples Click Here

Please be kind, these presentations are a large part of the student’s GRADE:  You will not be the only people judging the presentation.  There are also formal faculty judges and professors grading the presentations.  Please be respectful of this process by allowing faculty clear access to the speaker, and please avoid being social with other spectators during the presentations.

If your project is on display:  you will see the 199 display area just to the left of the front entrance when facing the gym.  There are tables and display boards set up to hang your description and display your project.  This is an open area for people to walk by and observe throughout the entire length of the conference.  At 4:00 pm, you are welcome to take your work.  If you would like to drop your project off earlier in the week, please email the conference website and we will make arrangements to store your work.

Backpack Check area:  To control the crowd flow and sound during the conference, please be aware that there are no backpacks or cell phones allowed in the gym.  There will be conference monitors that will ask you to check these items if seen in the conference.  This is a free service provided by the Kinesiology club, and is in a room right down the hall from the gym.  OR, save time, avoid the line, and don’t bring a backpack with you!

Awards YOUR SCORES determine

Most Creative Topic

Best Presentation

Most Innovative Poster Design

Best Professional Attire

Questions?  email:

Event is hosted by the Kinesiology Club.  Look us up today!

WSU Kinesiology Club RSO