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College of Education

Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Awards

Faculty, staff, and students in the college are invited to submit nominations for a Staff Excellence Award, as described below.


The award was established to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of classified and exempt staff. The purposes of this award include (1) publicizing the positive attributes and contributions made by staff, (2) rewarding and recognizing individuals who achieve excellence, and (3) encouraging a high degree of consciousness regarding excellence in the workplace for the entire staff.

Eligibility and criteria

All classified and exempt staff members are eligible to be nominated for the Staff Excellence Award if they have been employed in the College of Education for at least 12 months and if they have not been recipients of the award within the past three years. Criteria for the award are the following:

  • Performance in the person’s assigned duties. (For example: efficiency, conscientiousness, timeliness, job excellence, continuous improvement)
  • Inspiration of excellence in others. (For example: motivational, professional and ethical behavior, positive attitude)
  • Teamwork in the workplace. (For example: flexibility, camaraderie, effective communication, knowledge sharing, team building, interpersonal skills)
  • Contribution to the college’s image and goals. (For example: customer relations, community service, recognition for service, and support of College initiatives.
Selection committee

A committee comprised of four staff members, two faculty members and two graduate students will serve as the Staff Excellence Award Selection Committee. One staff member will be appointed by his/her unit head from each of the following units: Department of Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology, Department of Teaching & Learning, Dean’s Office, Student Services Office. The chair of each department will also appoint one faculty member and one graduate student to serve on the selection committee. The term of office will be two years, with half the membership returning each year. Each year, members of the committee will elect their own committee chair.

Selection process

Faculty, staff, administrators, and/or students in the college may nominate staff members to be considered for this award. Nominations require completion of the nomination form and may include optional letters of support.


The award recipient will be presented a certificate, and letter of recognition from the dean of the college, and a $500 cash award will be presented by the dean at an appropriate event as a way of recognizing the contribution of the recipient and of reaffirming the college’s dedication to excellence in its activities. The name of the recipient will be placed on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in the College of Education.

Nomination Forms

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