WSU College of Education Sport management
We offer our Sport Management program as both an undergraduate and graduate degree. In addition to earning either of these in Pullman, the graduate degree can also be earned online.

Sport Management gives students the planning and administrative skills needed by organizations involved with sport activities, products, or services. The program is based in Pullman and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In addition to 37 credit hours of general education requirements, sport management students must take the following:

Core courses

SpMgt 276: Introduction to Sport Management
SpMgt 290: Sport Programs
SpMgt 365: Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Sport
SpMgt 367: Sport in American Society
SpMgt 374: Sport Finance
SpMgt 377: Sport Law
SpMgt 464: Sport Marketing
SpMgt 468: Managing Sport Organizations
SpMgt 489: Theory and Application in Sports Event Management
SpMgt 490: Internship Seminar
SpMgt 394: Practicum in Sport Management
SpMgt 489: Theory and Application in Sports Event Management
SpMgt 491: Sport Management Internship
SpMgt 496: Special Topics - Media and Communication in Sport
Engl 402: Technical and Professional Writing

  • Business Administration or Communication specialization area—21 credit hours
  • Elective courses: 13-15 credit hours

View the current class listings at the WSU course schedule Web site.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and analyze ethical, legal, and socio-cultural issues, and formulate responses for use in managerial decision making and policy determinations in sport.
  2. Employ principles of strategic planning, and financial and human resource management.
  3. Assess marketing and media needs and formulate short term and long term solutions.
  4. Develop and apply critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in analyzing sport management issues and in managerial planning and decision making.
  5. Demonstrate information literacy and communication skills.
  6. Conceive, plan, execute, and evaluate a sports event.

Practicum and internship

Students pursuing the sport management major must complete practicum hours and a final internship.

  • The practicum involves 120 hours (4 credits) of work experience with sport programs on campus or in the Pullman community. Programs may include WSU athletics or intramurals, or community school/youth sport programs.
  • The 10- to 12-week internship is the bridge between course work and employment and begins after all classes have been completed. Internship possibilities include work with minor and major professional sports, college athletics or intramural programs, retail sales or services, or various youth sports organizations. Students choose the agency, which should provide an outgrowth of preparation in the major and the area of specialization.

Note: Students should consult the General Catalog for course planning and must meet course requirements as outlined in the General Catalog in order to graduate

Scholarship application

Sport management-specific scholarships are available through the College of Education. Interested students should apply through WSU Scholarship Services.