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2018 WJBS Book List

AuthorYear of PublicationTitleComment
Agozino, Biko2016Critical, Creative and Centered Scholar Activism: The fourth Dimentionalism of Agwuncha Arthur Nwankwo
Alves, Jaime Amparo2018The Anti-Black City
Amtaika, Alexius2017Culture, Democracy and Develompment In Africa
Amtaika, Alexius2017Socio-Economic Development In Africa Challenges and Dimensions
Andrews, William L. & McFeely, William S.2017Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,….
Berry, Mary Frances2018History teaches us to resist: How progressive movements have succeeded in challenging timesOut for Review
Bradley, Stefan M.2018Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League
Buccola, Nicholas (Ed)2016The Essential Douglass. Selected Writtings & Speeches
Burrow, Rufus Jr.2016Making good the Claim
Caliendo, Stephen M.2018Inequality in America
Cavett, Kate2017Voices of Rondo. Oral Histories of Saint Paul's Historic Black Community
Clemons, Michael L., Brown, Donathan L. & Dorsey, William H. L.2017Dream and Legacy. Dr. Martin Luther King in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Conyers, James L.2016Qualitative Methods In Africana StudiesOut for Review
Conyers, James L.2017Africana Race And Communication. A social study of Film, communication, and Social Media
Conyers, James L.2018Africana Social Stratification: An Interdisciplinary Study of Economics, Policy, And LabourOut for Review
Curry, Tommy J.2017The Man-Not Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black ManhoodOut for Review
Daryl, Cumber Dance2016In Search of Annie Drew
Dworkin, Ira2017Congo Love Song. African American Culture and The crisis of The Colonial State
Fairclough, Adam2018The Revolution that failed: Reconstruction I
Fields, D. Corey2016Black Elephants in the Room
Ford, Gary L. Jr.2017Contance Baker Motley. One Woman's Fight for Civil Rights and Equal Justice under LawOut for Review
Fosten, Gerald K.2018Social Inequality, Criminal Justice, and race in Tennessee 1960-2014
Fraunhar, Alison2018Mulata Nation: Visualizing Race and Gender in Cuba
Gentles-Peart, Kamille2016Romance with Voluptuousness. Caribbean women and Thick Bodies in the United States
Giliomee, Hermann2017Historian. An Autobiography
Goldberg, David2017Black Firefightera And the FDNY
Graves, Stephen C.W.2016A Crisis of Leadership and the Role of Citizens in Black America.Out for Review
Harrell, Cassandra2016Soul food Advisor. Recipes and Tips for Authentic Southern Cooking
Hattery, Angela J. & Smith, Earl2018Policing Black BodiesOut for Review
Himes, Chester B.2017An Biography. Lawrence P. Jackson
Itagaki, Lynn Mie2016Civil Racism. The 1992 os Angeles Rebellion and crisis…..
Jabir, Johari2017Conjuring Freedom. Music and Masculinity in the Civil War's "Gospel Army"
Jeffries, L Judson2018The Black Panther party in a city near you
Jennings, Vinia Delois2016Margaret Garner. The Premiere Performances of Toni Morrison's Libretto
Jones, Richard A.2016Postmodern Racial Dialectics. Philosophy beyond the Pale
Kaufmann, Miranda2017Black Tudors: The Untold Story
Kaufmann, Miranda2017Black Tudors: The Untold Story
Keim, Curtis and Somerville, Carolyn2018Mistaking Africa. Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind
Kimmel, Michael S. & Ferber, Abby L.2017Privilege. A ReaderOut for Review
Lause, Mark2017The Great Cowboy Stike. Bullets, Ballots, & Class Conflicts in the American West
Lawrence, David Todd and Lawless, Elaine J.2018When they Blew the Levee: race, Politics, and Community in Pinhook, Missouri
Mainwaring, W. Thomas2018Abandon tracks: The Underground railroad in Washington County, Pennsylvania
Maxwell, Williams J.2017Obtained Through The Freedom of Information Act. James Baldwin
Middleton, Stephen, Roediger, David R. & Shaffer, Donal M. (Eds.)2018The Construction of Whiteness: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of race Formation and the Meaning of White Identity
Mixon, Gregory2016Show Thyself A Man
Naremore, James2017Charles Burnet: A cinema of symbolic knowledge
Neal, Anthony2018The Oral Presidencey of Barack Obama
Niebuhur, Rehinhold2017Mississippi Black Paper
Northup, Solomon2017Twelve Years A Slave
Obermiller, Phillip J. & Wagner, Thomas E.2017The Cincinnati Relatios Commission
O'Daniel, Alyson2016Holding On. African American Women Surviving HIV/AIDS
Oforlea, Aaron Ngozi2017James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, & The Rhetorics of Black Male Subjectivity
Onselen, Van Charles2017The Cowboy Capitalist. John Hays Hammond, The American West……
Parham-Payne, Wanda V.2017The Intersection of Race and Gender in National PoliticsOut for Review
Paulus, Carl Lawrence2017Slaveholding Crisis. Fear of Insurrection and The Coming of The Civil War
Prahlad, Anand2017The Secret Life of a Black Aspie
Quartey, Kwei2016Gold of our Fathers
Quartey, Kwei2016Gold of our Fathers. Excepyional… A window into another Culture
Rabaka, Reiland2016Civil Right Music. The Soundtracks of the civil rights movement
Ruffin, II Herbert G. & Mack, Dwayne A.2018Freedom's Racial Frontier. African Americans in the Twentieth-Century West
Russell, Rickford2016We are African People
Saine, Paula2016Common Core. Using Global Children's Literature and Digital TechnoloyOut for Review
Silva, Kumarini2016Brown Threat Identification in the Security State
Smith, Cassander L.2016Black Africans In The British Imagination
Smith, Drew R., Ackah, William, Reddie, Anthony G. & Tshaka, Rothney S. (Eds.)2018Contesting Post-Racialism: Conflicted Churches in the United States and South Africa
Stewart, C Jeffery2018The New Negro: The Life of Allain Locke
Stokes, Louis2016The Gentleman from Ohio
Svenson, Sally E.2017Blacks in the Adirondacks: A History
Taylor, Nikki M.2016Driven Toward Madness. The Fugitive Slave Margaret Garner and Tragedy on the Ohio
Turner, Richard Brent2017Jazz Religion, the Second Line, and Black New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina.
Warters, Mary-Alice2016The Cuban Five. It's the poor who faces the savagery of the US Justice system
Weems, E. Robert & Chambers, Jason P.2018Law Enforcement in the Age of Black Lives Matter: Policing Black and Brown Bodies
Weissinger, Sandra E & Mack, Dwayne A2017Building The Black Metropolis. African American Enterprenurship in Chicago
Yancey Davidson, Hadley (Eds)2016Our Blacks Sons Matter Out for Review
Yancy, George2017On Race: 34 Conversations in a Time of Crisis
Yancy, George2018Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly About Racism in AmericaOut for Review
Andrews, Kehinde2018Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century
Henry, Aaron and Curry, Constance
2018The Fire Ever Burning
Newman, Mark2018Desegregating Dixie: The Catholic Church in the South and Desegregation, 1945-1992
Jacobs, Harriet
2018Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Green, William D.2018The Children of Lincoln: White Paternalism and the Limits of Black Opportunity in Minnesota 1860-1876
Fischbach, Michael B.2018Black Power and the Palestine: Transnational Countries of Color
Luke, Jenny M.2018Delivered by Midwives: African American Midwifery in the Twentieth Century South
Burke, Megan2018Colorblind Racism
Blake, Felice D.2018Black Love, Black Hate: Intimate Antagonisms in African American Literature
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