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Washington State University
College of Education

WSU ROAR Application

WSU ROAR Application Process

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be accepted from October 1, 2023 to February 28, 2024.

Each step of the application is listed in detail below. If you have questions, please reach out to us via email: with the word “APPLICATION” in the subject line.

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome! We’re glad to know that you are interested in submitting an application to study at WSU ROAR. This page details the specific steps needed to successfully complete and submit your application for our review.

Overall, the process includes:

The instructions to complete each of these steps are provided in more detail below. Once this information has been collected, our program’s admissions committee will review each application on a rolling basis, to determine if the candidate will advance to the interview phase of our admissions process. The interview phase of the application process includes additional assessments in the areas of academic skills, employment readiness, and independent living skills, as well as a two-part interview with prospective students and their families. After the interview phase of our admissions process, all candidates will be notified about the status of their application.

Before you begin, please make sure that you are familiar with the following:

We recognize that the application process requires a lot of information, and we’d like to support you through the process as best as we can. If you have questions as you are completing application, run into technical issues, or need support, please contact us at

  1.  Complete this web-based student application, which requests:
    • General Applicant Information
    • General Parent/Guardian Information
    • Applicant Educational Background
    • Applicant Medical History
    • Applicant Work Experience
    • Applicant Personal Essay (consisting of 4 questions, that may be answered in writing or via video-essay)
    • Copy of Academic Transcript(s)
    • Copy of most recent Psychological/Behavioral Evaluation
    • Copy of most recent Individualized Education Plan
    • Copy of most recent Educational Evaluation

To request a physical/digital copy of the application, please contact


2. Two Applicant Recommendation Forms are required to be submitted from persons knowledgeable of the applicant professionally and are a non-relative (e.g., teacher, administrator, employer, etc.). Once completed, these recommendation forms should be emailed to the program by the person who is completed the recommendation, and should be submitted within 10-business days of the student’s application submission.


3. Complete the WSU ROAR functional skills assessment.


4. Mail $25.00 non-refundable application fee to WSU ROAR Program. Send to WSU ROAR, P.O. Box 642114, Pullman, WA 99164-2114

Once the application has been reviewed, each application will be reviewed and scored. A personal interview with the student and parent/guardian and functional skills assessment will be scheduled as determined by the Admissions Committee. Interviews and Admissions decisions will occur on a rolling basis. For more information, please contact us at