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How to become a WSU ROAR Ally?

What is a WSU ROAR Ally?

Students (peers) in undergraduate and graduate programs will engage and collaborate with WSU ROAR students in various ways. These allies will be trained and given tasks in order to work alongside WSU ROAR students by:

  1. accompanying them to class,
  2. introduce them to other university peers/friends,
  3. participate in university-sponsored events and gatherings,
  4. assisting them to integrate into the university community through an inclusive model, and
  5. provide other types of supports and experiences in a social manner.

In addition, allies will have the opportunities to gain teaching and leadership experiences related to coursework. Together, WSU ROAR students and peer allies create inclusive experiences with positive opportunities learning and personal growth for each other.


  • Academic Ally: Located in the WSU ROAR program office, Academic Allies provide academic support or assistant by keeping ROAR students and themselves accountable for academic tasks such as completing assignments, attending classes, and participating in class.
  • Social Ally: WSU ROAR students will participate in many social events across campus. Social allies provide an experience for WSU ROAR students by going out to lunch, attending sporting or cultural events, working out together, or even just hanging out at the Cub.


  • Currently enrolled WSU student (undergraduate or graduate) – No specific major required
  • Complete Training through the WSU ROAR program office

If you are interested in becoming a WSU ROAR Ally, please complete the following form:

WSU ROAR Peer Ally

  • Please make sure this is your WSU email address.