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Washington State University
College of Education

Student Teaching Overseas

Overseas Student Teaching option highlights and procedures used at WSU.

  • Full semester student teaching in DoDEA or Approved International schools.
  • Candidates enroll in full semester of student teaching through WSU.
  • Candidates apply to Office of Field Services and Certification 1 semester in advance.
    • Competitive process – not everyone who applies is placed.
    • Interview with 2-3 faculty and staff familiar with the program.
    • Survey sent to instructors and faculty that candidate has worked with recently rating them on dispositions: problem solving, independence, confidence, reflection, professionalism.
    • Review of all feedback to determine if candidate will be recommended for placement.
  • Application is submitted to DoDEA or approved International Schools semester prior to student teaching for placement.
    • Candidate has a confirmed placement in Washington state as Plan A.
    • Not all candidates are successfully placed, so we consider overseas their Plan B.
    • Candidate provides any additional information required by host school.
    • Candidate must fill out an application through WSU Study Abroad Office and pay an application fee – this is a provost requirement for all “study abroad experiences” – and attend several meetings/orientations. They do this process when their application is submitted, pending placement.
    • Host school arranges placement and secures housing.  Rent varies by location.
  • Candidate is financially responsible for:
    • Full time enrollment in WSU.
    • Round trip airfare.
    • All housing and food expenses.
    • All transportation and additional recreational travel expenses while in country.
  • Candidate is required to meet all Washington State Certification requirements and WSU student teaching requirements including but not limited to:
    • Draft Professional Growth Plan.
    • Meeting all dispositions on the WSU PDEFE.
  • Supervision:
    • WSU Faculty member conducts bi-weekly video conference seminars with candidates placed overseas.
    • Communication with mentor teachers, building administrators, and candidates via email.
    • One on-site visit is planned approximately 6-8 weeks into the experience.
      • WSU supervisor travels to the school and spends 2-3 days with each candidate.
        • Formal observations and reflection.
        • Lesson Plan review.
        • Conferencing with all parties.