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Washington State University
College of Education

Liability Insurance

School districts require that WSU students carry liability insurance before beginning any field experience.

Proof of liability insurance must be on file prior to beginning a field experience. Send your proof of insurance to:

Office of Field Services and Certification
Cleveland Hall 252
Department of Teaching and Learning
Washington State University

To meet this requirement you have several options:

WSU Experiential Liability Insurance Policy
  • For College of Education Teacher Preparation Students Only
  • $7.00 per policy term
  • To be covered for Fall and the following Spring term, please select July-June
  • To be covered for Spring and the following Fall term, please select January-December
  • Available for purchase online with a credit or debit card
National Education Association policy with NEA membership
  • $22.50 per year (September 1 through August 31)
  • Journals
  • Job opportunities/postings
  • Membership rolls over from student status to professional membership
  • Sign up online with credit or debit card
Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) Policy and Membership
  • $25 per year effective for a full calendar year
  • Remains in effect after student teaching and when under contract or as a substitute teacher
  • Journals, classroom resources, legal counsel, preferential ratings on grants and scholarships
  • Sign up online with credit or debit card