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Washington State University
College of Education

Professional Dispositions

Professional Dispositions of Effective Teachers

Professional dispositions are the principles or standards that underpin a teacher’s success in the classroom. They are the values, commitments, and professional ethics that govern how a teacher acts with students, families, colleagues, and communities.

As an institution that prepares teachers, we owe parents, citizens, and our state’s P-12 students our best professional judgment and keenest observations when making assessments that could have profound effects in the future. The identification and evaluation of professional dispositions are part of WSU’s professional responsibility.


The Professional Dispositions for Academic Progress (PDAP) is the form used by the Department of Teaching & Learning to document a student’s disposition to be a teacher based on their performance in the university classroom.

The PDAP will be used to illustrate that teacher preparation students at WSU are demonstrating the professional dispositions expected of an effective P-12 educator while taking coursework during their program of study. This document is meant to be a flexible tool that can be used to support coursework-oriented guidance, for student reflection and goal setting, and for intervention when problems arise.


All program applicants will be provided the PDAP and asked to sign a copy recognizing its existence and use when they apply for entry into WSU’s teacher preparation programs. After the initial trial use, the form may be used by any instructor who feels that a candidate is not meeting a particular professional standard.

If you have any questions about the PDAP, please contact Angie Hammond, Director of Student Services, at or 509-335-1800.


The Professional Dispositions Evaluation for Field Experiences (PDEFE) is the form used by the Department of Teaching & Learning to document a student’s dispositions during practicum and field experiences. The dispositions align with the Teacher Performance Evaluation Program (TPEP) and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC).

Candidates in our teacher education preparation program must provide evidence of meeting the standards for the ten dispositions of effective teachers. The PDEFE is used to document growth, provide actionable feedback, and demonstrate that candidates have met the standards required for certification.


All ten dispositions are addressed by the mentor teacher, university field supervisor, and teacher candidate at midterm, and all dispositions must be met with evidence by the end of the internship experience.

If you have any questions about the PDEFE, do not hesitate to contact Emily Deen, Director of Field Services & Certification, at or 509-335-1544.