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Case-by-Case Exception for Content Exams

Case-by-Case Exception for Content Exams

At the November 2020 meeting, the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) approved a case-by-case (CBC) exception process for educators who have taken but not passed their content knowledge assessment, a policy that became effective in late December 2020.

This exception process will help reduce barriers and allow for more equitable pathways into the teaching profession. A CBC exception process for the content knowledge assessment offers flexibility to enable a community-based review process within a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework.

Before considering the CBC exception, most candidates must attempt their endorsement-affiliated content exam at least twice. By providing more evidence of consistently similar performances on the exams (i.e., taking the exam two or more times), candidates can further demonstrate and justify how the content exams may misrepresent their content competency.

Please select your academic program for more details on which CBC option is right for you:

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