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Washington State University
College of Education

Submitting grant proposal via email

If you’re planning to apply for a grant, COE staff members are ready to assist with submission. Please email the info below to Laura Girardeau, Faculty Research Development Coordinator, at

Laura provides editing and writing support as needed, and notifies support staff who may assist with submission. Also, when WSU knows your plans, you get kudos for motivation in pursuing grants!

1. Name of Funding Agency (e.g., NSF)

2. Name of Competition (e.g, DRK-12)

3. Due date (Note that some grants have several cycles per year)

4. Project Title (Or topic, if title is not known)

5. Co-PI’s or Collaborators (Name, department, institution)

6. Planning stage (e.g., Considering, Planning,Team-Building, Drafting Letter of Intent, etc.)

Thank you, and good luck!