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Washington State University
College of Education

George B. Brain Distinguished Professorship in Educational Leadership

The George Brain Professorship

 A legacy was left. We’re keeping it going.

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Building on the tradition of effective and strong school leadership begun by Dr. George B. Brain, the Washington State University College of Education has become the institution choice for educators wanting to become certified to be superintendents or principals in Washington’s school districts.

George B. Brain

With the leadership of a visionary senior faculty member, WSU is poised for even greater impact in the field of educational leadership: The WSU College of Education invites you to touch the lives of generations of students and impact the future of the education in our state by endowing this key position, the George B. Brain Distinguished Professorship in Educational Leadership.


The holder of the Brain Professorship will:

  • Be a key player in the development of research initiatives, enhance educational leadership programs, and be a leader among WSU faculty.
  • Teach core courses focused on leadership skills for educators, with an emphasis in administrative decision-making, personnel, and other essential areas, providing students with a superior learning experience and preparing them to bring value to their schools and communities.
  • Recruit and retain additional outstanding faculty who conduct research on today’s schools and challenges facing educators.
  • Conduct research and publish articles benefitting academic and practitioner knowledge.


The WSU College of Education is seeking to raise $300,000 to establish and endow the George B. Brain Distinguished Professorship.

Your gift will meet those needs by providing salary supplements, research assistance, and staff support in perpetuity for this outstanding senior faculty member. Your gift will have direct, measurable results in terms of students touched, faculty hired, programs implemented, and research insights produced. To discuss a potential gift, please contact Andrea Farmer.