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#WSUFacultyFriday — Shikha Prashad

This Q&A was part of a #WSUFacultyFriday that the WSU social media team put out on February 26, 2021.

Shikha Prashad

Assistant Professor

If you conduct research, what is your main research topic?

My research investigates the brain mechanisms underlying cognition and motor behavior. I use electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain activity and computational techniques (e.g., machine learning) to identify neural and behavioral patterns in health and how they change with aging, use of cannabis, and in movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease).

Please visit our lab website ( to learn more!

What classes do you teach at WSU?

At the undergraduate level, I teach Motor Learning and Control (KINES 461) and at the graduate level, I teach Motor Control Theory (KINES 561).

What brought you to WSU Pullman?

I joined WSU in Fall 2019 after my Postdoctoral Fellowship at UT Dallas.

Having lived in some of the largest cities in the world (the population of my hometown, New Delhi, is over 21 million!), I was a bit nervous about living in a small town. But, I lived in a lot of different cities with my family, so I also knew I could make any place home.

Everyone in my program and college has been very welcoming and I’m excited to continue to make new connections across WSU campuses.

How has COVID-19 changed how you teach?

I have completely changed how my classes are organized. I now use a flipped classroom model, where students watch videos first and we meet on Zoom to do hands on activities and apply the concepts. This gives students a break from Zoom lectures and provides flexibility while maintaining some structure. This is a difficult time for everyone, and it has been important to be even more compassionate, empathetic, and flexible.

What is a Fun Fact about yourself?

I love traveling to different parts of the world and learning about their culture, food, and language. I moved to different countries while growing up and have lived in six countries for 3+ years each!

I have moved around in the US quite a bit as well, starting on the east coast and slowly making my way to the west coast.