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Kinesiology Student Success

Kinesiology student finds career passion through internship 

By Katie Duncan – College of Education

College is full of exploration and discovering passions and, hopefully, future career paths. For Erick Washburn, this was the case, and his kinesiology internship helped him find his true passion and a career he loves.  

Erick recently graduated from the College of Education with a Kinesiology degree and is currently working in Pullman as the YMCA’s Athletics/Site CoordinatorHe also coaches middle school football, basketball, and track and field.  

When Erick came to Washington State Universityhe chose his major based in his interest in the human body and exercising. 

Originally, I thought I wanted to be involved in injury management and go into physical therapy,” he says.  

Then he fine-tuned his interests when he realized how diverse kinesiology was after helping coach studentathletes.  

I enjoy working within education, staying involved with students and studentathletes, staying active in sports and exercise, and impacting others health and mindsets in a positive way.”  

As a part of the Kinesiology program, Erick had an internship with the YMCA of the Palouse and had the chance to become the site coordinator.  

“This is not what I had anticipated for my internship, but after coaching and schools were halted due to COVID so were my original internship plans to coach and do P.E. teaching,” he says. “I joined the Y last spring with an agreement to join as a Program Assistant, to help prep program activities, and to use my background in kinesiology and coaching to create a physical education portion for the Summer Day Camp and Fall Distance Learning Camp.”  

Studying Kinesiology has not only given Erick an understanding of the human body, it has taught him the importance of overall health for a person.  

“Overall, the program is holistic and takes into account the body and mind. The knowledge is useful to help others and equips one with beneficial health knowledge for themselves. It also incorporates real world practicums that help form relationships and experiences.  

While Erick no longer strives to become a physical therapist, he hopes now to work with studentathletes at the collegiate level in a football program.  

Whether it be in a classroom or on the field or court, I enjoy building relationships with individuals and would love to find ways to help people in academics, sport, fitness, or life.”