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Washington State University
College of Education

Sport Management Master’s Theses

Our students research a diverse array of issues and problems in sport:

Wanyoung Ha (2021) — The impact of different types of NFL's corporate social responsibility on behavioral intentions among Generation Z fans
Emily Weber (2020) — Differentiation strategy running brands: A content analysis of Instagram posts
Ashley Olson (2018) — What do they want? Coaching preferences of parents in elite youth baseball using a relationship approach to leadership
Anna Pearson (2018) — Is violence necessary for the promotion of hockey?
Youngjik Lee (2017) — The effect of athletes' off-field immoral behaviors on fans' emotions and team identification: In collegiate sport perspective
Ramon Sodano (2016) — Pre-participatory screening policy development: Using a meta-analysis of the functional movement screen as a test case
DJ Mackie (2016) — Get them back in the game: Constraints to participation in collegiate intramural sports
Mary Barnett (2016) — Contentment of varsity athletes and students: A comparative analysis
Devon Carroll (2015) — Why student-athletes commit to a specific university: Motivational factors influencing university selection of non-revenue generating sport student-athletes
Kerry Hassall (2015) — Rowing race: A qualitative study of the effects of socialization, education and mass media on the rowing experiences of female racial minority rowers
Nicole Philen (2014) — Female high school athletic directors and leadership style: A qualitative study
Cairistiona Flatley (2013) — Effects of NASCAR's cause-related marketing on potential stakeholders
Amy Cole (2011) — Letting the women play, too: A feminist analysis of existing state correctional recreation policies
Hyewon Park (2004) — Analyzing motivational factors of action sports participants