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Washington State University
College of Education

Masters in Teaching (MIT) – Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Master in Teaching – Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Department of Teaching and Learning has developed student learning outcomes derived from the conceptual framework, state and national standards for teacher education, and research on effective teacher education. These outcomes are aligned with the course work and field experiences in the MIT program. Students experience different aspects of these learning outcomes throughout the program.

Goal 1: To prepare outstanding entry-level P-12 teachers with a focus on teacher inquiry as a paradigm for practice.  Successful graduates inform their practice and stewardship of public schools by…

  1. using and generating deep content and pedagogical knowledge to inform their teaching.
  2. developing relevant, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curricula.
  3. modifying curriculum and instruction based on the diverse assets, abilities, and needs of their students.
  4. using assessment of their students’ learning and their own teaching to inform future planning and teaching.
  5. attending to the social, emotional, and civic development of their students.
  6. working respectfully and collaboratively with colleagues and community to promote professional learning and quality instructional programs.

Goal 2: To guide students in their development as practitioner-researchers in P-12 school settings. Successful graduates inform their practice and stewardship of public schools by…

  1. applying scholarly habits of curiosity, inquiry, reflection, and skepticism.
  2. articulating problems of practice and then generating student-centered solutions. research literature, and apply that synthesis to problems of practice
  3. effectively communicating scholarly work through professional and social media.
  4. making decisions grounded in evidence and professional knowledge.
  5. demonstrating professional habits and dispositions.
Hear from the students!

At the end of their time in the MIT program, we asked our now-alumni what they learned. Here are two examples of how they met our SLOs: