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Math and Science Ed – Lindsay Lightner

Lindsay Lightner

Lindsay Lightner

“Understanding how preservice teachers grow into outstanding teachers is vital to students’ success.”

Curriculum Vita

Research Gate  | |  Twitter:  @LK_Lightner


Short Bio

Lindsay Lightner’s research focuses on preservice elementary teachers’ integration of university coursework and field studies as they develop self-efficacy and utilize funds of knowledge in teaching science.  She also researches English language learners’ language development in the science classroom.

Lindsay coordinates WSU’s teacher certification program for paraprofessionals and is project director for the Socio-Environmental Science Investigations (SESI) project.  She has served as a middle school earth science teacher in New York City, an English instructor and advisor at Pennsylvania State University, and a lecturer in education at Canterbury Christ Church University.  Lindsay holds a BA in geology from Carleton College and an MA from the Writing Seminars at the Johns Hopkins University.

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