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College of Education

Grad Certificate – Applied Measurement & Quantitative Methods

Introducing the newest certificate:

Graduate Certificate in Applied Measurement and Quantitative Methods


The graduate Certificate in Applied Measurement and Quantitative Methods, administered by the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and Educational Psychology in the College of Education, provides advanced knowledge and training in methods typically employed to investigate a wide variety of problems in the broad domains of the social and behavioral sciences. The certificate leverages expertise across colleges to provide students in a variety of disciplines with advanced proficiency in quantitative methods and educational and psychological measurement. Students will gain the expertise to produce, analyze, and report empirical information to drive decision-making and understanding complex environments.

We want you to increase your marketability by providing you with an advanced skill set that will aid you in your future careers. These skills may be invaluable to your employers by helping you make better decisions through rational project design, systematic measurement and the application of modern, sophisticated data analysis. We invite you to take advantage of strengths across departments at WSU to meet your development as a scholar with advanced methodological training.

The certificate is open to students in any WSU graduate program. Students not in degree programs may also earn the certificate by applying and enrolling as non-degree/non-matriculated student. This is a Pullman campus only program. Students are required to maintain the minimum GPA requirement of at least 3.0 while enrolled in the certificate program. To qualify for the graduate certificate a prospective student must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution and meet all prerequisite requirements or demonstrate equivalent knowledge before enrolling in any courses which require these. For non-current WSU students, please apply through the WSU Graduate School, submit a current Resume or Curriculum Vitae, unofficial transcripts from colleges/universities and a Letter of Intent with a brief statement of your professional objectives and how you believe they will be promoted by admission to the prospective WSU program.

NOTE: This certificate program does not accept State of Washington Employee tuition waivers.

Curriculum Description

Students will select a sequence of four courses that best meet their needs by completing 12 credits from the below coursework. The focus may be on quantitative modeling, measurement or a combination of the two.

Educational Psychology courses
Ed Psych 511Classical and Modern Test Theory
Ed Psych 572Meta-Analysis
Ed Psych 575Multilevel Modeling
Ed Psych 576Factor Analytic Procedures
Ed Psych 577Item Response Theory
Prevention Science courses
Prev Sci 508Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling
Prev Sci 512Finite and Growth Mixture Modeling
Prev Sci 510Multilevel Modeling II: Advanced Multilevel Models for Longitudinal Data
Psychology Courses
Psych 514Psychometrics
Psych 516Applied Structural Equation Modeling
Sociology courses
Soc 527Social Network Analysis

For more information, please contact:

Leonard Burns, Ph.D.: or Brian F. French, Ph.D.: