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College of Education

Program Administrator Certification

Program administrator certification program

The mission of this program is to prepare school leaders with the leadership and management skills needed to improve student learning in a variety of school environments. The program is delivered by WSU faculty members who have experience as school building and district leaders. It is closely aligned with aligned with Washington State Standards for the Program Administrator Certificate.

The program administrator certification requires:

  • 15-18 graded semester credit hours of course work.
  • Four internship semester credit hours.
  • 540 hours of documented internship activities.

Residency principal and program administrator handbook

The program is offered at all four WSU campuses (Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver) as well as in the South Puget Sound Region through the Vancouver campus and in Wenatchee through the Spokane campus. Requirements are common across all campuses, but the delivery format is somewhat different. The Spokane and Tri-Cities campus programs and the South Puget Sound Region program offer a “field-based” two-year program that integrates weekly seminars and internship activities, while the Vancouver and Pullman campus programs offer two years of course work followed by a one-year internship.


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