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Washington State University

CJ Vaughn


Major: Athletic Training/Pre PT

Year: Senior

Anticipated Graduated Date: Spring 2017


Out of high school I knew I wanted to go to college. I looked at a couple places like western and PLU but did not like the small campus set up. So I looked at the big universities. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career coming out of high school. My parents urged me to stay in state, which saved us some money. I applied to both UW and WSU and frankly I liked WSU more. The major options were more diverse and to be honest I hate the city. The small town of Pullman suited me best so I chose WSU.


A lot of my friends that came to WSU never made it passed their freshman year. The reason for this is because they slacked off and got caught up in the social scene. Once my friends fell behind they didn’t reach out for help from the university. My biggest piece of advice is if you’re struggling in a class or struggling to get certified in your major, seek out help. This campus has many professors and upper classmen that went through the same thing freshman go through and they are all willing to help. We also have amazing student tutors that I relied on when I was struggling with a class. So please, look for help if you are having trouble!