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Dr. Mike Trevisan

Dean's Perspectives

Message from Dean: We will continue combating racism

Dear WSU College of Education community,

Racism in America is deeply seated in the history of this country and unfortunately continues. In recent months, we’ve seen one example after another of despicable, discriminatory, and criminal behavior that has resulted in death for some and trauma for others.

The solutions aren’t simple but that will not stop the College of Education from productively addressing racial injustice. The college will work closely with the university in all of its initiatives.

In addition, one move the college has made is to appoint two faculty members to the position of associate dean of equity and inclusion, beginning August 16 for a term of two years. Dr. Katherine Rodela will focus on faculty and staff development. Dr. Amir Gilmore will focus on student success and retention. These two individuals are strong leaders with respect to equity and inclusion and each brings a unique skill set to the position.

And while we look for good things to come from these two individuals, the onus is not merely theirs to work toward significant change. They will help lead and give recommendations. And then we must all step up and do our part to make important changes.

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