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Dr. Mike Trevisan

Dean's Perspectives

An update on the budget, with more to come

A.G. Rud

I’m eager to keep everyone at the College of Education, and our friends and supporters, “in the loop” about the impact of state budget cuts.  I’ll have specific information to share after Thanksgiving. For now, here is an update on the budget process as it affects our Pullman and Spokane programs, the text of an email I sent out this afternoon.  (Vancouver and Tri-Cities have separate budgets).

On Monday, at the request of Provost Warwick Bayly, we submitted a preliminary plan for a 10 percent permanent reduction and a temporary 8 percent reduction for this fiscal year. We also presented the administrators with a college realignment plan, which should position us for the next round of budget cuts — those expected for the 2011-2013 biennium.

Today I met with Provost Bayly and President Elson S. Floyd to discuss the College of Education’s plans just as all WSU deans are doing this week. The provost said that he would review what has been submitted over the coming week, and hoped to give us all “our figures” for the current year budget reductions perhaps before Thanksgiving.

On November 29, an all-day session is scheduled for the deans, the provost, president, and budget officers in central administration to discuss all the college and unit plans submitted and to decide on a final university plan. After that, the provost will release these data, perhaps as early as December 1. At that time, I am permitted to release our realignment plan.

To put all of this number-crunching and planning into perspective, I encourage you to read the Vancouver Columbian’s article “Washington higher ed panel: budget ‘a disaster.’ ”