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Dr. Mike Trevisan

Dean's Perspectives

Ours is a college on the move

Mike Trevisan
Mike Trevisan

I am pleased and honored to be the interim dean for the Washington State University College of Education. After 19 years with the college, I know how both it and WSU work. I am fairly good at putting compelling arguments together, so you can expect that I will go to great lengths to advocate for the College of Education.

Based on feedback from my colleagues both inside and outside the college, here are the priorities I see for the spring term:

  • Our vision of “one college, four campuses.” I will regularly visit Spokane, Tri-Cities and Vancouver and, when I am home in Pullman, will stay in touch with faculty around the state.
  • Our slant towards R-1, the top tier of research universities. Our researchers collaborate with each other, with faculty in other WSU colleges, and with colleagues throughout the United States and beyond.
  • Teacher preparation. This is, and will remain, a core mission.
  • Educational leadership. One of our college’s greatest contributions to the state is preparation of principals, superintendents and other leaders through our certifications and Doctor of Education programs.
  • Development. Fund-raising is high on the list of the dean’s responsibilities, especially given the drop in state funding. I enjoy meeting with donors to explain our programs, contributions and needs.
  • Employee searches. We’re hiring a dozen new faculty and administrators this year.

I want to thank former Dean (now Distinguished Professor) A.G. Rud for his leadership, particularly with respect to the idea of “one college, four campuses.” His attention to all campuses has raised expectations for the College of Education. In addition, A.G. set the college on course to R-1 work. I continue to hear from faculty members that they appreciate this focus, as I did in my previous role as associate dean for research.

Ours is a college on the move. There is much work to be done. I know I’ll be working long hours, traveling a good deal, and getting lots of e-mail. (If you write, be patient! I will get back to you, though maybe not as quickly as in the past.) With an able leadership team and the top-notch support of Stacy Mohondro, assistant to the dean, I am optimistic that the college will do well in 2013.