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College of Education

WJBS Book Reviewers

How Can You Contribute?

  1. The book will be mailed to you following the receipt of your request. Along with the book you will also receive the following submission guidelines. Upon receipt of the book, we ask that you read and review the book within 30–45 days.
    For publication, the book review should include:
    • Reviewer’s Name
    • Reviewer’s Institutional Affiliation
    • Book Title
    • Number of Pages
    • Publication Year
    • Publisher
    • ISBN Number
    • Price in U.S. dollars ($)
    • Review Length should be 2 to 3 pages
    • Please submit your review electronically at
  2. If there is a publication that sounds of interest to you, send us the following information:
    • Author and title of the book you wish to review
    • Your name and the address where you would like the book to be sent
  3. Please keep the book for your future use and enjoyment
Washington State University