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College of Education

Becoming a Teacher Roadmap

Point A to Point B made easy.

Let’s just be honest here: over the course of your whole academic career, there are a lot of steps to take and deadlines to consider. From the first day of courses, to earning your teaching certificate, it might seem like a maze. We’ll try and spell it out as easily as we can.

The process varies depending on if you are an elementary education student, or a secondary education student.

Elementary Education Roadmap

Secondary Education Roadmap

As long as we’re using a “roadmap” as an analogy for the process you’ll go through, it would be safe to say your cartographers would be our academic advisors and our Office of Field Services and Certification. They’re here to help you!

Here are our advisors.

And Field Services is located in Cleveland Hall 252, at 509-335-0925, and at

Washington State University