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Washington State University
College of Education

Teacher Education – Residency Certificate

You are in the home stretch! It is teaching certification time!

We cannot congratulate you enough for all the hard work you have put in. While the teaching certification process may seem confusing at first glance, we can help you take a deep breath and easily understand it.

In order to be awarded your certificate, a candidate must:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from a regionally-accredited college. That includes us.
  • Complete a state-approved teacher prep program. That includes ours.

After this process is complete, we recommend your certification with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. We will then send you an email (to your WSU email address) with instructions on how to apply using the state’s E-Certification portal.

You may then receive the Residency Certificate (First Issue), which is valid for three years from the time you are reported as employed by a Washington school district as a teacher with 1.5 FTE experience, or more.

Certification fees

Teacher certification comes with unique fees (sorry). To help you plan, below is a list of fees that are required for all teacher candidates. This does not include course, degree, or university fees. Prices are subject to change. This is strictly a guide to help you map out your finances as you progress through the program.

Description of Fee Fee Amount Length of Validity Due
Fingerprinting $55-70 Two years Before first practicum.  Fingerprints must be valid each time you are enrolled in a practicum or student teaching and until you apply for your teaching certificate – about two months after student teaching.
Liability Insurance $7.50-25 One year Before first practicum and must be valid each time you are enrolled in a practicum or student teaching.
Content Exam (NES or WEST-E) $95-155 No expiration date Prior to enrollment in advance practicum (TCH_LRN 490 for elementary and 469 for secondary).
*ACTFL Oral $55-155 No expiration date Prior to student teaching.
*ACTFL Written $65 No expiration date Prior to student teaching.
Teaching Certificate $93 N/A End of student teaching.

*Required for Spanish and French

 Financial Help
  • Financial Aid – students are able to request additional funding by completing the Revision Request form listed on the Office of Financial Aid’s website. Your request should be noted in the “special fees” section of the form. Financial Aid will require you to submit a copy of the bill showing you owe the fees or a statement showing a zero balance.
  • WEST/NES Vouchers – Washington State University is given a limit number of vouchers for the WEST-B, WEST-E and NES exams. To request a voucher complete a financial assistance request form.

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