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College of Education

ProTeach Support Program of Study

The ProTeach Portfolio is an assessment designed for teachers seeking the Washington professional certificate.

ProTeach is run by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). Our program is a support program, and will help you complete your ProTeach Portfolio.

You can complete the program online, in-district, or on any of our campuses. The program provides guidance and encouragement to teachers working toward their professional certificate. Our trained instructors will help you navigate the journey and assist you in preparation of your portfolio.

Why use our support program?

Why should you go through the ProTeach Portfolio support program? Because data from recently assessed ProTeach portfolios indicate teacher candidates benefited from using a support provider and they outperformed those that did not use a support provider (PESB 2015).

If you want to go through the support program, it is critical that you plan in advance to determine your application date. You need to allow enough time to resubmit if needed.


We have a whole slew of professionals dedictated to helping you succeed in this process. Click here to find out who they are.

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