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Washington State University

WSU Tri-Cities / STCU Education Summit

The College of Education is thrilled to announce the WSU Tri-Cities / STCU Education Summit.

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As STCU extends to the Tri-Cities, it continues being a great education partner of the College.

This event is two-fold:

  1. Foster additional collaboration among researchers.
  2. For the teachers and school administrators in attendance, help them understand the research being conducted by the college and how that can make a difference to them as K12 educators.

The keynote speaker will be Mandy Manning, National Teacher of the Year. She’ll also participate as a panelist.

There will be four strands:

  • STEM education
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • School safety
  • Emotional learning

Each of these strands will have three sessions.

Anybody can join this Summit.

At this time, the college is accepting registration for the Summit’s poster session.

Register to take part in the poster session

Deadline to take part in the poster session is midnight on Sept. 21, 2018.