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College of Education

Grand Challenge 4: Smart Systems

Harnessing technology to improve quality of life

The challenge

The “Internet of Things” is coming of age. This network of objects embedded with sensors, electronics, software, and connectivity promises to generate mountains of data. New approaches in data science and analytics will be needed to convert the data into actionable information.

When it comes to using that information to improve quality of life, the possibilities are endless. Digital devices working together as smart systems can sense, act upon, and communicate about a situation. They can recognize patterns, make predictions, and support human decision-making. Smart systems can optimize the use of dwindling natural resources. They can enable self-sufficiency for those who need extra assistance in their daily lives. They can provide energy security across the nation.

The College of Education’s Role

Research Themes Connecting to COE
  • Computing, data and information.
  • Economic, social and policy dimensions of technology.
  • Smart and sustainable systems.
COE Research Centers and Labs Addressing this Challenge
Washington State University