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College of Education

Faculty Research Funding

Help shape the economic and social future of our state!

Our research makes, and will continue to make, a huge difference in Washington state.

Our research makes us better teachers and role models. It’s vital we hire and retain innovative, productive and passionate faculty. To do so, we must be able to provide flexible funding that allows them to do significant research and have opportunities for professional advancement. Private donations are crucial to this effort!

You can help by contributing to either faculty awards or faculty fellowships. For more information, please call Andrea Farmer at 509-335-7843. You can also donate on-line to the College of Education Dean’s Fund for Excellence.

Faculty funding awards

These are grants of up to $5,000 awarded to a faculty member or $9,000 to a team of faculty to support research initiatives.  They are focused on developing research programs and generating peer-reviewed journal publications and/or proposals for external funding. The awards are created from a pooled source of funds that includes gifts of private donors.

Faculty fellowships

A faculty fellowship is an award for outstanding faculty and may be used to retain faculty headed for prominence (that is, those most likely to be approached by competing institutions). A fellowship provides salary supplements and research support. Contribution: $10,000 per year for five years.

A faculty fellowship endowment would provide annual funding of $10,000 in perpetuity. An endowment provides long-range support for faculty work. Contribution: $250,000.

What our faculty researchers say

“Overall the faculty funding award is of tremendous value to the research mission of the College.  It was a catalyst for finishing my project, it gave me the opportunity to present at an international conference…it was invaluable to making the project a realization, and getting the exposure it needed and deserved.”—Associate Professor Michael Hayes

“I purchased 8 laptops which students used to type their narrative stories with the help of assistive technology.  This grant funded a component of my research which other grants don’t fund.  If I had not received this award, I would not have been able to do my research project.”—Associate Professor Michael Dunn

“These funding opportunities have been critical.  As I examine my vita, almost every publication can be traced back to one of the funding awards through this program. I greatly appreciate the opportunities it has provided. My current work on a state grant has resulted from this year’s faculty funding awards and others provided in other years.”– Associate Professor Amy Roth McDuffie

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