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Washington State University
College of Education

College of Education web policies

  • All bio photos must be taken by the College of Education or a sanctioned university photographer. Any exceptions must be approved by
  • All bio photos must be landscape orientation. This is for continuity across the site, as well as meet preexisting space contstraints.
Job titles

Please consult this memo from Laura Hill, Senior Vice Provost. Our college chose Option 2 from the memo.

  • For faculty who are tenure track, they shall be listed on as Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor.
  • A career faculty member’s appointment will also include an internal sub-track designation (e.g., Clinical, Research, Scholarly, Teaching, or Extension sub-track).
  • Sub-track designations are for internal use only. That means we will not put these on our external website.
  • A career track faculty member’s working title may be Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor.
  • This will be followed in parentheses by either the designation Career Track, with no mention of sub-track.

All marketing and communications across campus follows AP Style with some unit-based variance.


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