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College of Education

Where Is It? Wednesday (#WhereIsItWednesday)

Where Is It? Wednesdays. It’s a College of Education treasure hunt!

Just for some fun this semester, we’re hiding something for you to find. The person who can find it will be the recipient of something cool.

How does it work?

At about 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, we will reveal in which of our buildings (Cleveland/EdAd, PEB/Smith) we have hidden a pair of goofy 2015 Coug sunglasses. Your job is to be the first person to find it. You’ll bring it to our marketing and communications lounge and exchange it for whatever the prize is for the day (OK, it’s not really a lounge, just an office… a lounge sounded cool, though. It’s Cleveland 176). The prize might be a Cougs flag, it might be a Ferdinand’s gift certificate. When we post on Wednesday morning, we’ll tell you what the prize will be. You must take your picture with the prize and agree to blast it out on social media.

Will it be inside or outside the buildings?

Depends on the day. Good chance if it’s snowing or raining, it will be inside. It’ll be limited to the area that is reasonably considered part of our buildings. So, if it were outside Smith Gym, it could be on the foot bridge outside. It would not be on the football practice field.

Any places in those buildings where it won’t be?

The item will not be hidden in faculty or staff offices. It will be in common spaces, such as foyers and hallways. It will also be quasi-public spaces, such as the main advisor’s general area, or teaching certification general office. It will not be in any restroom.

Why a pair of Coug sunglasses?

They’re weird and wearing them feels funny, so we don’t do it. That means they’re just laying around the office. So… why not? Plus, we were using a very random Indiana University basketball highlight cassette tape, but someone found it and never turned it in. They stole it!

What if I get stuck while looking?

We will give hints, about every hour or hour-and-a-half. If you would like to expedite the hint process, you may take a selfie, with some kind of homemade sign. If we’re in Cleveland Hall or Education Addition that day, your sign could say something like “Teachers rock” or “Teachers help kids. Kids are our future” or “We teach the best future teachers” or “WSU’s sport management program is No. 1.” If we’re in PEB, you could have a sign that says “WSU’s Athletic Training program is the bomb” or “WSU Sport Science is the greatest.” You can always go with a general college shout out such as “WSU College of Education is the best.” If you do that, we’ll immediately DM you a hint. You can only get one of those hints every hour, though.

I’m lactose intolerant! So, if it’s a Ferdinand’s gift card…

Give it to your friend, study budy, or crush. Without a doubt, you’ll move up in their Awesome People Power Rankings.

Anybody not eligible?

Unfortunately, WSU employees, both faculty and staff, cannot participate. Any undergrad or grad student, whether they’re part of our college or not, can participate. If you’re faculty and staff but taking a class, don’t try to get tricky and say you’re a student. We won’t buy it :). And, no, “lifelong learner” doesn’t count, either.

Can I just keep the sunglasses instead?

Let’s put it this way: we’re already fingerprinting and pulling security footage to find out who stole the Indiana U basketball highlight tape. When we find that person, we will go after them to the fullest extent of the law, which is essentially us giving them dirty looks and potentially sticking our tongue out at them. We will do the same thing if you take these sunglasses.

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