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Washington State University
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Getting to Know You: Ryan Ngo

Ryan on the sideline of Martin Stadium at the 2018 WSU vs. CAL game as a Marketing and Promotions Intern. 

Ryan Ngo – Sport Management Undergrad

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Year: Senior 2021

Favorite sport: Football

What inspired you to pursue a degree in Sport Management?

Tabling on Terrell Mall in the fall of my freshman year I saw “Sport Management” on a sign and thought “I like sports” and went over and talked to the previous advisor about what it entailed. I wasn’t sure about it at first, and then in the spring I began my marketing and promotions internship in the athletic department, and I think that is what helped me make my decision.

Where are you currently completing your internship? What are your main duties?

I am with Cal State Fullerton in their athletic department. My duties include graphic design, social media campaigns, developing marketing plans, and game presentation. My big project is to find ways to increase attendance for fall sports and increase the department’s social media presence.

What are your plans after completing this internship?

Attending Ohio University’s dual master’s degree program in business administration (MBA) and sports administration (MSA). Expand my knowledge of business and sport will give me flexibility. Ohio’s dual program is the best in the nation and the networking opportunities will help. Ohio also felt like a family and they really foster a close community even before I committed.

What advice do you have for incoming students pursuing this degree?

Let things happen naturally. Plans change and let your passions drive you.

If you could witness any event—past, present, or future—what would it be? Why?

Fast-forwarding to when society has all-electric vehicles, and we make better use of green energy. I think it is something that could drastically reduce climate change and once the change is made it can be cheaper.

What is an “aha moment” from a sport management course?

In Dr. Rhee’s Sport Marketing class, I started seeing the power of marketing. You do your research and create a plan, but you can be creative. His class confirmed my desire to work in sport marketing.

Your tip to make sport management a more inclusive and welcoming field?

Highlighting the people that are doing great things even when they aren’t in executive roles. Over time people will see that they can fit in the career path and helping people see through the stigmas of some majors. As an Asian-American, I’ve felt pushed to become a doctor but that’s not what I was passionate about. Educating people on the opportunities to work in all kinds of sports can help them get away from where they “think” they should be and get them to where they want to be.