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Washington State University
College of Education

Student Spotlight: Demi Grosely

Thriving through Adversity

By Katie Duncan – College of Education

College students all around the country have been faced with the challenge of adapting to distance learning. For Demi Grosely, she took this as an opportunity to continue her education and build friendships, even through a screen.  

Demi is a student at Washington State University’s College of Education, majoring in elementary education with a minor in Spanish and an endorsement in mathematics 

A Life Dedicated to Teaching  

Demi always knew that she wanted to teach and be around children to help them move through the learning process.  

“I love teaching and watching something go from making no sense at all to a mastered skill for someone,” she says. “Educators are so important, and I can’t wait to have my own students and see where life takes them.” 

Upon graduation, Demi says she plans to serve in the public-school education system as well as teach English abroad.  

Facing the odds head-on 

Demi isn’t a stranger to the small-town, college environment, growing up in Ellensburg. While pursuing her degree in, Demi says she fell in love with not only WSU but the Pullman community. That included spending time exploring the local restaurants and coffee shops and taking hikes around the area with some of the amazing friends she has made while in Pullman. 

That made it even hard when WSU announced COVID-induced online learning and Demi found herself having to complete the semester at home.  

But, just like most students, while the pandemic has thrusted difficulties upon her, Demi made it a point to adapt and thrive in a new environment, and get the most out of her classes and building relationships with her peers.  

“I feel I’ve been able to redefine what it means to be friends with someone,” she says. I’ve made friends through group projects and other class assignments that I’ve never met before. It’s such a crazy thing to think about, but I’m so grateful I’ve been able to continue my education and find some joy in the struggle of long-distance learning.” 

The College of Education has been able to support Demi in her pursuit of her degree even during a crazy semester.  

In part, that help came in the form of finances. Demi was the recipient of a scholarship from Lloyd and Marian Osbourne which allowed her to continue pursuing her education at the College of Education. 

“I would like to sincerely thank the Osbournes for their generous donation toward my education,” she says. “This scholarship will help me cover the cost of my course materials.” 

But beyond the financial help, Demi says the faculty and their caring nature and expertise have done wonders during this strange year. 

“My favorite part of the Elementary Education program so far has been some of the professors that I’ve had. Most of the professors have taught in K-12 before and offer great advice as well as real classroom experiences in their lectures,” she says. “They take their jobs seriously and want to prepare their students to be well rounded as well as excited to lead their own classroom one day. The professors here have been great role models and have kept me motivated through these times uncertainty.”  



In this video clip, Demi Grosely says thank you for the scholarship she won, and how it helps. Total Run Time: 1:49.