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Washington State University
College of Education

Kristin Saba Fisher

Kristin Saba Fisher

Research Assistant
Mathematics and Science Education
Pullman campus
Cleveland Hall 226


Kristin Saba Fisher (she/her) is a doctoral student in the Mathematics and Science Education program at Washington State University and a Research Assistant on the Health Education through Arts-based Learning (HEAL) project. After studying the behavioral ecology of capuchin monkeys in the tropics, Kristin taught middle, secondary, and college level sciences, English and environmental literature, and art in both formal and informal learning spaces. She is currently interested in how the arts can mediate personally relevant science practices, and how these might catalyze environmental activism and spatial justice. She holds a master’s degree in the Environmental Sciences from the University of Michigan.

You can find Kristin outdoors, rain or shine, and stirring up her next big printmaking project.