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Washington State University
College of Education

Kexin Jiang

Kexin Jiang

Kexin Jiang

Research Assistant
Educational Psychology
WSU Pullman
Cleveland hall 382

About Kexin

Kexin is a doctoral student in the Educational Psychology program. She got her master’s degree in Educational Psychology as well in the winter of 2021. Kexin’s home country is China. She graduated from Beijing University of Agriculture with a bachelor’s degree in social work.

Kexin works as a research assistant on projects related to formative assessment in science education and supporting adolescents to stay connected with school. Her research interest focuses on assessment within culturally responsive teaching and bringing awareness to different dimensions of diversity in the classroom.

Kexin thinks that cultures are the wealth of the human being. The different ways that teachers treat cultures and transfer to students might have a life-long impact on students’ attitudes toward their heritages and others.

“Educational psychology is a big family for me. As a family member, I feel supported and free to study, explore, discuss, and imagine my future. Through continuous doing and learning, I want to become strong enough to contribute to our big family. Go Gougs! Go Ed-Psych!”