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Washington State University
College of Education

James Johnson

Jim Johnson

Teaching and Learning
Pullman campus
Education Addition 321
pullman, WA  99164


Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

James Johnson’s research explores how technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and gameification can be implemented to engage students in the classroom.

Teaching/professional interests

Dr. Johnson helps education students prepare for their time as student teachers. He also teaches Secondary Methods of Education Technology, where students learn how to integrate technology into the classroom setting.

Recent accomplishments


Johnson, J., Cobb, B. G., & Drew, M. C. (1989). Hypoxic induction of anoxia tolerance in root tips of Zea mays. Plant Physiology, 91(3), 837-841.

Johnson, J. R., Cobb, B. G., & Drew, M. C. (1994). Hypoxic induction of anoxia tolerance in roots of Adh1 null Zea mays L. Plant Physiology, 105(1), 61-67.

Andrews, D. L., Cobb, B. G., Johnson, J. R., & Drew, M. C. (1993). Hypoxic and Anoxic Induction of Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Roots and Shoots of Seedlings of Zea mays (Adh Transcripts and Enzyme Activity). Plant Physiology, 101(2), 407-414.

Drew, M. C., Cobb, B. G., Johnson, J. R., Andrews, D., Morgan, P. W., Jordan, W., & He, C. J. (1994). Metabolic acclimation of root tips to oxygen deficiency. Annals of Botany, 74(3), 281-286.

Andrews, D. L., MacAlpine, D. M., Johnson, J. R., Kelley, P. M., Cobb, B. G., & Drew, M. C. (1994). Differential induction of mRNAs for the glycolytic and ethanolic fermentative pathways by hypoxia and anoxia in maize seedlings. Plant Physiology, 106(4), 1575-1582.

Educational background

M.Ed. with Secondary Teaching Certificate. Washington State University, 2004

Ph.D. Plant Physiology. Texas A&M University, 1994

B.S. Wildlife Management. University of Wyoming, 1984