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Washington State University
College of Education

James Asare

James Asare

Research Assistant
NSF Noyce Grant
Pullman Campus
Cleveland Hall 337


“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
—Erol Ozan

James comes from Ghana and is a student in the Math and Science Education program in Pullman. He has a background in pure, applied, and computational mathematics, which fuels his interest in the experiences of math education in the classroom. Being someone familiar with the “not a math-person” rhetoric, he is curious about leveraging his own plethora of experiences with math and technology to challenge the “not a math-person” and under-served communities to be open to the exciting opportunities understanding math can bring.

James is an avid reader who likes to write poetry when he is not engaged with math. As a first-generation student, he sees the Ph.D. in the Math and Science Education program as a unique opportunity to pursue his interest in creativity, technicality, critical thinking, writing, math, and technology. Also, he sees himself bridging the communication gap that exists between neophytes and experts in both the mathematics and science education community.