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College of Education

Summer Leadership Institute

Summer Institute

  • In summers I and II (required), participants will take two complementary, core courses.
  • During the first summer, required for program initiation, students will take Research in Teaching (focused on participants’ own questions about the profession based on personal experience) and Action Research. These courses will be intertwined around the concept of individual and large-scale change in education.
  • During the second summer, students will take Program Evaluation and Adult Learning & Development, which will both explore how programs and policies interact with teacher professional development as well as broader adult development issues.
  • The third summer is optional and will provide time to complete elective courses on various campuses.
  • During Summer IV (required), students will work on comprehensive exams and dissertation proposals/research.
  • It is possible for students to move through the program by participating in four consecutive intensive summer experiences and four years of part-time coursework and research during the academic year.
  • It is also possible for students to move more slowly through the program.  Note that the Graduate School requires that doctoral students finish their programs within ten years.
Washington State University