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College of Education

Sport Management Master’s Degree – Learning Outcomes

A program designed for your success!

These learning outcomes are directly related to both the university-wide learning goals and to the curriculum guidelines established for accreditation by the Council on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).

The program will train students to:

  1. Incorporate an understanding of ethical, legal, and socio-cultural issues in managerial decision making and policy determinations in sport
  2. Employ sound principles of strategic planning, financial management, risk management, and human resource management in sport
  3. Apply a fundamental knowledge and practical understanding of sport marketing, communication, and event management principles
  4. Utilize critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in analyzing sport management issues and in managerial planning and decision making
  5. Demonstrate information literacy and oral, written, and group communication skills
  6. Develop research skills in sport management
Washington State University