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College of Education

Language, Literacy, and Technology Program of Study Sample

Sample Ph.D. program – Required courses and electives

In general, students go through the LLT program with a cohort of peers. The sample below provides a general overview of what a program might look like, but there will be individual differences.  This program is based on an average of 10 credits each semester.

Year 1



TCH_LRN 511: Theoretical Foundations TCH_LRN 569: Critical Analysis
(TCH_LRN 501: Practicum – elective) TCH_LRN 562: Foundations of Literacy
(TCH_LRN 582: Scholarly Writing- elective) LLT 586: Research Seminar  (1 credit)
(TCH_LRN 516: CALL – elective) EdRes 562: Education, Research and Epistemology
LLT 586:  Research Seminar  (1 credit)

Summer 1

TCH_LRN 573: Advanced CALL

EdPsych 505: Statistics (pre-req, as required)

Year 2



TCH_LRN 550: Intro to SLA TCH_LRN 570: Electronic Literacies
TCH_LRN 567: Soc Foundations TCH_LRN 523: Research in SLA
TCH_LRN 586:  Research Seminar  (1 credit) EdRes 565: Advanced Statistical Analyses and Quantitative Research
EdRes 563: Principles of Doctoral Research
LLT 800 (dissertation) LLT 800 (dissertation)

Summer 2

TCH_LRN 568: Psych Foundations

EdRes 564: Qualitative Doctoral Research

Year 3



LLT 800 (Prelims, D-1)  LLT 800