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Washington State University
College of Education

Grad Certificate – ELL Certificate

Want to teach English overseas to K-12 learners? Need a way to show what you’re capable of?


Obtain a Graduate Certificate in English Language Learners

The Graduate Certificate in English Language Learners allows recipients who do not have a valid U.S. teaching certificate to develop skills and obtain documentation that will help them obtain positions teaching ELLs around the world.  The certificate consists of 18 hours of coursework that addresses TESOL and Common Core Standards and focuses on developing knowledge and skills for working with culturally diverse students and communities.  The required coursework emphasizes both theoretical and practical issues concerning language policy, second language acquisition, cultivating relationships with diverse communities and households, and the implementation of linguistically appropriate classroom teaching techniques.

The certificate is open to WSU students attending an M.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. or other WSU endorsement program. 

The certificate consists of five 3-credit courses and one 3-credit elective, for a total of 18 credits:

Required Coursework

TCH_LRN 501Practicum in Bilingual/ESL Education
TCH_LRN 510Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual/ESL Education
TCH_LRN 549Communicating in a Multilingual Society
TCH_LRN 509 Research in Curriculum and Assessment for Bilingual/ESL Education
TCH_LRN 514Methods and Materials for Bilingual/ESL Education

Elective Coursework

TCH_LRN 504Advanced Study in Linguistics for Educators
TCH_LRN 516Advanced Study in Computer-Assisted Language Learning
TCH_LRN 519Instructional Media Production 1

Student who wish to obtain a Graduate School certificate must:

  1. Must already be admitted to a WSU Endorsement Program or a M.A., Ed.M., or a Ph.D. degree at WSU.
  2. Be enrolled the term they want the certificate.
  3. Submit the completed certificate application form to the  COE Office of Graduate Studies before the first deadline for applying for a degree as posted in the Graduate School deadlines & procedures (Spring terms – first Friday of March; Summer – first Friday of June; and Fall terms – first Friday of October).
  4. Ask for a memo for any exceptions on courses; certificates are not degree programs and substitutions are generally not allowed. Memos will need to be written and submitted with the certificate form long before the deadline. Memos may be rejected by the Graduate School.