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Washington State University
College of Education

Educational Psychology Faculty


Sola Adesope, PhD

Learning sciences, cognition, instructional design, learning technology, meta-analysis, concept mapping, and STEM learning.


Kira Carbonneau, PhD

Cognitive principles of instructional methods, instructional manipulatives, executive functioning and self-regulation.

Shenghai Dai, PhD

Psychometrics and quantitative methodology, item response theory, cognitive diagnostic models, large-scale assessment, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and missing data.

Robert Danielson, PhD

Learning, conceptual change, text-graphic processing, STEM learning, socio-scientific concepts, epistemic cognition.


Brian French, PhD

Psychometrics, research methodology, structural equation modeling, measurement invariance.

Chad Gotch

Chad Gotch, PhD

Maximizing appropriate and effective use of educational assessment.

Hsin-Ya Liao, PhD

Cross-cultural research and assessment, vocational interests and career development, diversity and intergroup relations, and stigma of seeking mental health services.


Zoe Higheagle Strong, PhD

Social influences that impact students’ schooling and learning; mentoring, peer aggression/victimization and culturally responsive approaches.


Mike Trevisan, PhD

Program evaluation, student assessment, measurement, and applied statistics. Dr. Trevisan is currently the Dean of the College of Education.