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Washington State University
College of Education

Educational Psychology Students

Blessing Adaramola

Learning sciences, conceptual change and multimedia learning.

Samuel Aina

Meaningful learning, multimedia and case-based instruction, teacher preparation, teaching quality, motivational factors, and STEM Learning.

Portia Amoa-Danquah

Motivation theories, learning theories, strategies to increase self-efficacy and reduce impostor syndrome.

Landon Charlo

Program evaluation, STEM learning, student agency, teacher beliefs, mixed-methods research, geospatial analysis, place-based experiential learning.

Cihan Demir

Item response theory, computerized adaptive tests, finite mixture models, psychometrics, & quantitative methodology.

Chloé G. R. Dydasco

Learning sciences, executive functioning and motivation, STEM learning, cross-cultural studies.

Deborah Fabiyi

Educational technology and instructional design, motivational strategies in learning experience, psychometrics, and psychological test development, coping mechanism, STEM learning.


Morgan Jernigan

Learning, cognition in learning, sexual health education curriculum and learning outcomes.

Kexin Jiang

Teacher education, formative classroom assessment, assessment literacy of teachers, and research related to teacher self-efficacy.

Gan Jin

Conceptual change, quantitative analysis and research designs, learning STEM in computer-assisted environments, multimedia learning and instruction.

Olasunkanmi Kehinde

Educational measurement, applied psychometrics, large-scale assessment, multilevel modeling, and longitudinal measurement models in various assessment settings.

Genna Kieper

Academic self-perceptions, gender theory, culturally responsive teaching practices, disability advocacy and empowerment.

Antranik Kirakosian

Effects of mental health and socio-emotional influences in higher education, cross-cultural research, structural equation modeling, measurement invariance, research methodology.

Emma McMain

Critical theories and analysis; qualitative methods; social emotional learning; social justice and eco-justice in education.

Oluyemisi Oloniyo

Learning Sciences, program evaluation, embodied cognition, and early childhood curriculums. She is passionate about providing support to early childhood settings and is particularly interested in identifying learning gaps and creating tools to bridge the gaps.

Oluwasola Oni

Learning and instruction, culturally responsive learning, STEM learning, program evaluation, and conceptual change.

Onur Ramazan

Large-scale assessment, multilevel modeling, machine learning, psychometrics, and conceptual change.

Oluwafemi Sunday

Learning sciences, cognition, motivation, meta-analysis, concept mapping, psychometrics, and STEM learning.

Thao Vo

Passionate about examining equity in measurement through applied psychometrics, multilevel modeling, and latent mixture modeling.