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Washington State University
College of Education

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership

One degree across all four campuses.

The Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) in Educational Leadership can be completed on all four campuses.

The M.A. is recommended for students who plan to subsequently pursue a doctoral program.

The program of study for the M.A. requires:

  • Thirty semester hours.
  • At least 21 semester hours of graded course work.
  • At least four semester hours of EdAd 700 for completion.
  • Defense of the master’s thesis.

Students who are interested in the M.A. may personalize their program by choosing an emphasis in K-12 educational leadership.

This degree is offered at Pullman campus.

Ed leadership master’s degree handbook

As described in the handbook, applicants must complete the departmental application form as part of the application packet.