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Washington State University
College of Education

Counseling Psychology Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: I have been admitted into a master’s or doctoral program in counseling, but wish to postpone my enrollment until the following year? Is this possible?

  • Answer: Admission decisions are made each year based on the existing group of applicants and the counseling program tries to maintain target enrollments each year. Thus, admitted applicants who wish to delay enrollment will need to reapply again the following year.

Question: How long does the doctoral program in counseling psychology take to complete?

  • Answer: As in most APA-accredited programs, most doctoral students take between 5 to 6 years after their bachelor’s degree to complete the program. One of these years is spent completing the pre-doctoral internship.

Question: Do I need to have a psychology degree to be admitted into the master’s or doctoral programs?

  • Answer: Although the majority of admitted students do have undergraduate degrees in psychology, we do not require this for admission, and students from a variety of majors have gained admission to the programs in the past.

Question: I have already completed graduate coursework in counseling at a different university. Will I receive credit for this coursework if I enroll in a WSU master’s or doctoral program in counseling?

  • Answer: The counseling program has a course waiver committee that reviews all requests to substitute coursework taken elsewhere. Students must fill out a 1-page form requesting the waiver and, in general, attach the course syllabus for the course taken previously. For example, incoming doctoral students who already have master’s degrees in counseling are able to waive/substitute some although not all courses (e.g., required practica need to be taken at WSU).

Question: What undergraduate majors are preferred for the master’s degrees in counseling?

  • Answer: Although psychology and education degrees are common backgrounds of our students, we will consider all bachelor’s degrees for admission.