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College of Education

Getting to Know You: Jordan Ryan

Jordan Ryan standing on the stairs and smiling. A graphic over the photo says #MeetMeMonday.
Jordan Ryan standing in front of window and smiling.
Jordan Ryan smiling.

Jordan Ryan – Sport Management Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Mill Creek, WA
Double degrees: Sport Management. Strategic Communications.
Minors: Business Administration
Year: Junior

Why did you choose WSU?
My mom went to school here so I grew up knowing about it. She is a pretty big Coug fan. I toured here my junior year of high school and I really liked the campus. I went to a small school and I liked that it had a bigger feel to it with it also being a small college town.

What inspired you to pursue a degree in Sport Management?
I didn’t know about the sport management program when I applied and decided to come here. I was undecided when I came here and thought I would do elementary education. With elementary ed being in the college of education, I learned about sport management and I didn’t know it was an option but once I learned more about it and took a few intro classes and felt really confident in it.

Who, or what, influenced your decision to pursue this degree?
I heard about the program from one of the girls in my sorority and she made me want to look more into it. Once I got into the program, I did swimming in high school and would love to go work for a swimming organization after this.

What appeals to you most in this field?
I think what drew me to it initially, once I found out there was a sport related major I thought that was super cool, but there are so many options upon graduating you can kind of do anything you want to and there are so many opportunities. I want to do something with the communications side of it, but I love all of the options.

What is your favorite part of the program?
I really like the small class sizes. I have made really good friends just from being in class. It’s really easy just to get to know people. It’s really nice to get to know your professors as well.

What makes this program special and what do you like most about the department?
I feel like the professors here really care that you succeed and they want you to succeed in internships and getting where you want to be post-college. Every professor I have talked to has helped provide resources to get you where you want to be. I also think that practicum and all of that hands-on experience is really valuable as well.

What is your dream job after college?
My dream job would be to work for jo lynn and to do PR and communications. The lady I am talking to at jo lynn does PR and communications and athlete scholorships. I would also like to do Comm or PR for any activewear company.

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen pursuing this degree?
Get involved with other sport related organizations in the area as soon as you can. For this position that I am currently in, talking to employers, getting involved in multiple areas because each thing can give you a different skillset.

What kind of extracurricular activities are you part of?
I am apart of Gamma Phi Beta and I am the wellness chair. For GPhi, I am in charge of educating people in wellness related issues around campus. I am also the student assistant for the Sport Management program and I teach group fit at the URec.


Class: Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Sport with Scott Jedlicka
Professor(s): Tami Crawford
Celebrity: Justin Bieber
Song: 2000’s throwbacks
Food: Nachos

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