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Washington State University
College of Education

Globalization Conference – Nancy Carvajal

Nancy Carvajal

About Nancy

Nancy Emilce Carvajal Medina is a Colombian human being under construction. As an EFL/ESL teacher, her research has explored critical pedagogy/literacies, discourse analysis, and assessment. Her critical research is rooted in Chicana/o feminism and Indigenous epistemologies. Her current decolonial research intends to deconstruct the discursive construction of the “the homeless identity” within a US rural context. For the founder of “Knowledge in Action”, every individual is a door of possibilities.

Event description

“Under the Skin: Dismantling Borders within Borders” is an imagined community that critically analyzes the politics of identity while being immersed in a convulsed U.S. socio-political environment. Systematic imprisonment of people of color, murders of African Americans, and discourses of hatred witnessed in some of the 2016 political campaigns have triggered hateful, discriminatory, and derogatory discourses towards minorities. Our community uses art to challenge essentialist stereotypical representations by telling stories about who we are. Arts have mediated the creation of this community, the reclamation of our mindbodyspirits, and healing. People attending this session will be invited to participate in a collective exercise to continue enriching understandings of stereotypes, labels, and ways of self-identification.