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Washington State University
College of Education

Globalization Conference – Welcome from the Conference Chair


Dr. Price is a professor in the Washington State University’s Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education program. She is also the College of Education’s Associate Dean for Diversity and International Engagement.

Welcome from the Conference Chair

Sixteen years ago, the Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference was founded by Professor Bernardo P. Gallegos as a way to bring communities together to discuss the complexities and meanings of globalization and diversity in educational research and practice. A key component of this conference space has always been to discuss core issues of equity and inclusivity and work as a community to support greater justice in schools and society. Unfortunately, on October 6, 2019, the education community lost a visionary giant with the passing of Professor Gallegos.

This year, the conference graphic features a hummingbird. Across the globe, the hummingbird is often used symbolically to mean many things—eternity, resiliency, healing, and good luck.

Some say that the hummingbird can serve as a guide to open hearts to more joy and love, and they are reminders that we should seek out what is good in life.

While the conference graphic and theme were chosen well before Dr. Gallegos’ passing, it feels fitting to share a passage from the final chapter of his latest (2017) book, Postcolonial Indigenous Performances: Coyote Musings on Genizaros, Hybridity, Education, and Slavery. Dr. Gallegos tells a story of a captured hummingbird and the passing of his grandfather:

“Today the hummingbird has special meaning for me. When I held it in my hands, its spirit left and merged with mine. Since I absorbed its life, I also absorbed its spirit. Whenever hummingbirds present themselves to me, I notice. I understand that I am part hummingbird. A week later, my grandpa died….Eventually, I came to understand that like the hummingbird, my grandpa’s spirit had become part of my own.”

In many ways, the spirit of Dr. Gallegos will be with us during this year’s conference, as the legacy that he created 16 years ago continues through our work. This year, over 100 papers, panels, workshops, and posters will be presented by educators, researchers, and scholars to discuss key issues of inclusivity and equity in education. Like the hummingbird, I sincerely hope that you all find this conference space to be one that reinvigorates your spirit, brings you joy, and connects you to other justice workers that are dedicated to creating good in the world.

Dr. Paula Groves Price