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College of Education

Globalization Conference – Welcome from the Conference Chair

Welcome from the Associate Dean for Diversity and International Initiatives and Conference Chair:

Fifteen years ago, the Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference began as a way to bring communities together to discuss the complexities and meanings of Globalization and Diversity, and collaborate for greater justice. This conference, which is organized and led by the Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education program in the College of Education, is part of a legacy devoted to critical scholar-activism and the land-grant mission of Washington State University.

Under this year’s conference theme, Healing the Mind/Body/Soul: Community, Activism, and Justice in Education, we continue to discuss the complexities of globalization, diversity, and inequality, but we also recognize the need to highlight practices in education that are healing, that restore connections within ourselves, amongst one another, and with nature. Healing from the wounds systems of oppression promulgate on our communities and students is critical for justice workers. We hope that this conference space will be one that helps us share stories, learn new research, strategies, and practices that can promote the holistic well-being of ourselves and our communities.

This year, the conference graphic features a dragonfly. In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change and transformation, joy and connection to nature’s spirits. Some believe that the dragonfly can bring us the energy and light we need to embrace and understand our emotions, particularly as we heal.

Undoubtedly, our Keynote Speakers, Terisa Siagatonu and Dr. Dyan Watson, as well as the over 130 presenters in the conference, will share their research, stories, and practices that will feed all of our minds, bodies, and souls.

Dr. Paula Groves Price     

Washington State University