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College of Education

Bruya-Wood Winners

Fall 2017

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Nicole Walden for “Exploring Chronic Migraine Management with Mindful-Based Yoga”
  • Outstanding Presentation: Oliver Cockerham for “Climbing over Parkinson’s Disease”
  • Outstanding Presentation: Jessica Beitner for “Motivational Factors of Physical Activity in Older Women with Osteoporosis”
  • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Andrew Au & Alyse Bailey for “Immediate Detection in Sport Related Concussions”
  • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Ariel Bowman for “The Effects of Group Exercises on Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis”
  • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Travis Clarke & Michael Young for “Exercise Physiology in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction”
Student Judge Awards
    • Most Creative Topic: Jordan Tingman for “Exercise Intervention Post TBI in Reduction of the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease”
    • Most Creative Topic: Aspen Ranz for “Physiological Adaptation or Cardiac Pathology?  Digging Deeper into the Athletic Heart”
    • Most Creative Topic: Berkley VanHout for “Exercise Effects on Brain Volume in Alzheimer’s Disease”
    • Best Presentation: Alex Cox & Anna DeTray for “Return to Play and Re-Injury Rates in High School Athletes, Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear”
    • Best Presentation: Elidh Brown & Michaela Gospe for “The Effects of Varying Exercise Type on Alleviating Depressive Symptoms”
    • Most Innovative Poster Design: Savannah de la Combe for “Physically Working Together to Reduce Depression”
    • Most Innovative Poster Design: John Baker, Alex Cox & Daniel Mitchell for “The Relationship Between Exercise Intensity and Perceived Stress”
    • Best Professional Attire: Joel Ledezma for “Motivation for Adherence to Physical Activity Despite Chronic Lower Back Pain”

Spring 2017

Faculty Judge Awards
      • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship: Shelby Monson for “Mechanisms in Reducing Nerve Pain in Phantom Limb and Diabetic Neuropathy ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Jay-J Yarbrough-Jones & Isaac Mitz for “Rehabilitation of Overhead Athletes: Increasing Rate of “Return-To-Play”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Hailey Cates for “Examining the Impact of Mindfulness on Physical Activity Enjoyment”
Student Judge Awards
      • Most Creative Topic:  Molly Sullivan for “Exploring Tai Chi and Yoga as a Therapeutic Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis”
      • Best Presentation:  Sidnee Glenn for “Exercise and Psychosocial Fears of Women with Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL)”
      • Best Presentation:  CJ Allen for “Fighting the ailments of CFS one efficient exercise movement at a time”
      • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Ali Girard for “The Role of Strength Training in Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis”
      • Best Professional Attire:  Octavio Moreno-Preciado for “Application of Exercise to Combat Obesity Induced Inflammation”

Fall 2016

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship: Madeline Roberts for “Motor Imagery and Action Observation: Innovative Cognitive-Motor Rehabilitation Techniques in Patients Afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Bayleigh Steed for “Using Exercise to Alter HPA Axis Sensitivity in Adults with Depression”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: William Wolcott for “Stability Exercise Intervention for Lumbopelvic Pain Management During Pregnancy”
Student Judge Awards
      • Most Creative Topic:  Hannah Smith for “The Benefits of Physical Activity for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy”
      • Best Presentation:  Daniel Flores for “Postmenopausal Women: How Resistance Training Effects Bone Mineral Density”
      • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Natalie Clausing for “The Effects of Resistance Training on Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Patients”
      • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Natalie Reetz for ” Symptoms of PTSD Improving by the Implementation of Mindful-Based Exercise”
      • Best Professional Attire:  Marisa Manus for “Increasing Exercise Compliance in Dementia Patients”

Spring 2016

Faculty Judge Awards
      • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship:  Joseph Copeland for “Balance and Falling when Exercising with CIPN”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Frank Carney for “Autonomic Tone:  Effects of Muscular Contractions on Blood Pressure”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking:  Bethany Pupava & Isabella Watt for “Effects of Resistance Training on Running Economy”
Student Judge Awards
      • Most Creative Topic:  Sidnee Glenn and Brittany Reid for “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus:  Exercise Outcomes on Activities of Daily Living and Health Related Quality of Life”
      • Best Presentation:  Alee Bryan for “Exercise and the Treatment of Postpartum Depression”
      • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Maddy St. John for “The Effects of Exercise on Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments”
      • Best Professional Attire:  Allie Nunn and Annalise Odegaard for “Stress Dampening Effects of Physical Activity in Children”

Fall 2015

Faculty Judge Awards
      • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship:  Courtney Batts for “Resistance Training Effects on Body Composition in Obese Population”
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Kelsie Holtzlider for “Spinal Loading with Weight Lifting and Chronic Low Back Pain Relief”
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Trevor Novobielski for “Effects of Chronic Exercise on Fibromyalgia Syndrome”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Brandon Austin for “The Impact of Exercise Intervention on the Vascular Health of Adolescent Youth”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking:  Zack Schneider and Skylar Vieselmeyer for “When Exercise Becomes Too Much:  Exertional Rhabdomyolysis”
Student Judge Awards
      • Most Creative Topic:  Fredrikke Hall and Alina Reed for “The Effects of Altitude on Performance in Elite Endurance Athletes”
      • Best Presentation:  Delaney E. Keser for “Music and Rhythm:  Revolutionizing Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease”
      • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Alyssa Ryder for “Exercise:  A Proven Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias”
      • Best Professional Attire:  Rick Ayala and Elias Whitefoot for “Proper Nutrition for Optimal Performance in Collegiate Athletes”

Spring 2015

Faculty Judge Awards
      • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 scholarship: Brandon Todd and Alee Bryan for “Rapid Weight Loss in Combat Sports”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Abigail Wojtanowicz for “Biomechanical Benefits of Exercise on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Mike McAdie and Darius Porter for “Improving Functional Movement in Youth” and Alex Waddell and Megan Kubitz for “Coffee Negates Effects of Caffeine as Ergogenic Aid”
Student Judge Awards
    • Most Creative Topic: Annie Leendertsen and Caitlin Prouse for “The Relationship Between Military Body Armor and Thermoregulation”
    • Best Presentation: MacKenzie Wilson and Mitchell Tetschner for “Efficacy of the Functional Movement Screen to Predict Injury Susceptibility”
    • Most Innovative Poster Design: Chris Stokesbary and Julia Colosimo for “Effects of Exercise in Treating Postpartum Depression”
    • Best Professional Attire: Clinton Marshall for “Rheumatoid Arthritis and Resistance Training” and Emily Mills and Kaya Knaggs for “Cardiovascular Fitness and Effect on Academic Performance”
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